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Spa Hotel in Cuernavaca


Combining tradition, wellness and health, you can enjoy different therapies, where you will enter an atmosphere of aromas and sensations, through different treatments, making our holistic space a cultural reference. It will be the holistic space of your choice, within the facilities of Finca Chipitlán, Hotel in Cuernavaca ..

Moment of escaping, energizing, enriching, revitalizing

At one time, going to a Spa was considered a luxury; Nowadays it is considered as a necessity to counteract the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

In Morelos, the Spring of Mexico, is the Hotel in Cuernavaca Finca Chipitlán Spa, with temazcal and holistic space. Small Hotel in Cuernavaca, with its privileged climate, is the best option to relax, beautify, rejuvenate, rest; based on traditional therapies, both natural ingredients from the region, and therapeutic; making a whole revitalizing experience, stimulating the senses and enriching culturally, since it is a welcome return to our origins and traditions.

With very accessible prices, it is an excellent alternative for those who need a few moments and / or days of relaxation, where you will find really well-being, balance in mind, body and spirit, healing effects; attending your particular needs.

Share with the people you love most a program of therapeutic and relaxing activities; Within a family environment, give us the opportunity to provide relaxing moments that will strengthen your ties.

Visit us, we will be happy to assist you in any of the therapies you choose.

The flowers, vegetation and tropical climate of the Hotel Finca Chipitlán in Cuernavaca will welcome you. And on your way to the holistic space, you will cross the path of harmony, where you will find quartz, roses, whites, blues, greens, amethysts, which will give you the feeling of warmth and well-being.

Back in your room, after your therapies, you will enjoy our traditional Mexican food, making your stay as pleasant as possible.

Let's all travel through Mexico.

Recommendations in any of our Therapies:

  • Any Therapy is previous reservation
  • Bring swimsuit (preferably 2-piece women or short and top)
  • Flips flops
  • Not having consumed solid foods at least 2 or 3 hours before
  • Bring warm clothes to leave your therapies
  • Please do not enter the holistic space with mobiles, jewelry accessories. You can leave them in your room, or in Reception.
  • If you book massage, do not menstruate. Not having had a surgery recently.
  • Hygiene: We recommend a shower before taking your therapy, massage or any treatment.
  • Intimacy: Our people will treat you with respect and professionalism. If you like, we have disposable clothes. Your body always remains covered in intimate areas.

Morelos is Tourism Health

Holistic massage and hot stones



Massage is already an ancestral technique. But unfortunately, not all of us make habitual use of their countless benefits.

The holistic massage is relaxing, descontracturante, helps to remove the tension of the back, shoulders, hips, knees, in the neck area.

Why do we have to give back pain such importance?

It is common and we see it until "normal" to feel in our back stiffness, attributed to continuous and long days of work, feeling diverse emotions, and tensions; generated by strong emotions. Tension begins to appear in the cervical areas of the neck. It is true that all muscles are susceptible to overload, the muscles of the neck and those that accompany the cervical the most vulnerable.

The decontracting holistic massage stimulates the neck and back. The muscles relax. It is a factor that releases endorphins, these natural antidepressants that influence the well-being of human beings and help us to fight pain. In addition, the assiduous repetition of this type of treatment can help us improve the functioning of our circulatory, digestive, nervous, and locomotor systems, as well as alleviating different disorders.

Benefits of a decontracting holistic massage on the neck and neck

Fight insomnia

It is common for people suffering from back pain to have trouble sleeping. In the area of the back is a myriad of nerve endings, this, coupled with that in that area is constantly exposed to physical exertion, bad postures, spending a lot of time in front of the computer, or standing. Drive continuously for long days. It happens that over time, we look for the most comfortable position, but not the correct one; generating a series of discomforts in the shoulders, back, hip, knee pain, causing a cluster of ailments that can become unbearable.

In those daily routines, until exhaustion occurs, in addition to the stress generated by daily activities, as a result of several parts of the body begin to present pain, it is common that this condition is located on the back as people they spend a lot of time sitting or standing doing their work. These are some of the reasons why it is advisable to perform holistic massage, emphasizing the back, so that the person feels more comforted and can carry their activities with better mood and lower levels of stress.

The massage reduces the aforementioned discomfort, making the person fall asleep and this is recoverable.

Benefits of holistic massage

Improves mood

Reduce anxiety The relaxing and psychological effect is no less important than the physiological results of this type of treatment; the advantages in the nervous system are very important. The feeling of relaxation and well-being that it provides us is always gratifying, raising self-esteem: its benefits go much further. It has an analgesic effect of painful sensations when anesthetizing sensory nerve endings. It eliminates the feeling of fatigue and increases the resistance to work. The mood recovers. It is also a good method to mitigate stress, insomnia or other mental pathologies.

Reforms and restores muscle tone. The skin becomes more elastic, as a result of the elimination of fatty substances by rubbing the hands. On the other hand, the absorption of substances is facilitated and there is a greater exchange of oxygen and nutrients, which facilitates cell regeneration.

Soothes or reduces muscle aches

Improves rest when sleeping with restful and deep sleep

Strengthens the defenses

It promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, causing an increase in blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing toxic substances from the tissues.

Relieves constipation

The feeling of rest and well-being after receiving the massage will make you feel very good. There are studies that indicate that receiving therapeutic massage sessions significantly reduce symptoms of depression.

The massages by themselves, are experiences that tend to be comforting, offering the body a comprehensive practice that only provide benefits, relaxing both the mind and the body.

As you can see, they are very opportune benefits for all kinds of people, especially when we are at the expense of a large number of situations that often tire us and alter us physically and mentally.

Take some time to rest and enjoy the possibilities that the holistic space of Finca Chipitlán offers you. Free yourself from all that weight, and this is literal. Stress can accumulate in different areas of the neck and shoulders, causing heaviness and intense pain that can affect productivity, mood and our social life. That is why experts recommend sessions of massages and relaxing therapies that can help you release stress in the most pleasant way.

Surrounding therapies

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