Enjoy this Vacation Package $ 1750.00 per person, 3 days 2 nights in double, triple, quadruple occupancy ...

  • Enjoy this Vacation Package on weekends or on any day.
  • The researchers point out that vacations should not necessarily be long and expensive, take a few days off to appreciate nature and forget about daily tasks are enough to allow the brain to recharge energy and improve intellectual function. Enjoy this Vacation Package in double, triple, quadruple occupancy; either in a bungalow or in 2 rooms.


This Vacation Package of $ 1750.00 per person, includes:

  • 2 nights of accommodation in bungalow or standard room in double, triple or quadruple occupancy
  • 2 breakfasts x pax
  • 1 Snack in the pool
  • 2-ingredient pizza
  • 1 drink between: beer, margarita, pina colada, soda, fresh water
  • 20% Discount in Temazcal session, leaving $ 575.00 in $ 460.00 X pax
  • 20% Discount in Holistic Space, leaving $ 1100.00 in $ 880.00 X pax
  • 16% VAT and 3.75% ISH

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Email: gestion@finca-chipitlan.com
Whatsapp: 777 563 2537
Valid as of December 15, 2019


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