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Delicate strawberry body wrap therapy. You will enjoy a fresh exfoliation, your body will notice a more oxygenated and toned skin. Recommended for people who have a lot of sun exposure and seasonal changes.


  • Astringent. It controls the excessive fat of the face and back, in addition to fighting acne.

  • Deflate and relax. Apply it in the changes Station, restructures the skin.

  • They contain hydroxy acids that eliminate dead skin cells, prevent wrinkles and soften the skin.

  • Clarifies stains caused by sun exposure.

$ 1100.00

Fangotherapy Body therapy


Mud wrap therapy, known as fangotherapy or Geotherapy - Baños de Barro.

Decongestant body therapy with multiple benefits and properties, such as:

  • Nutritious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, softener. Promotes cell regeneration.

  • Mud has the ability to take toxic substances from the skin and absorb them.

  • It is a temperature regulator, it is healing.

The application of this enveloping body therapy can be cold or hot, with gentle massage; according to the need of the person. Our therapists will let you know.

Ideal for juvenile acne treatments. The skin will be fresh and relaxed. It's refreshing

$ 1100.00

Chocolate therapy


Give your mind and spirit a treat to your skin

Chocolate therapy is applied through a delicate massage, which will be exerting a nourishing, emollient, softening action, making an anti-aging protective layer, at the same time that tones and regenerates the skin (it is anti-cellulite)

Cocoa is a mystical seed, which has a vibratory wave, (it makes us feel active) acts on the nervous system and induces the production of endorphins (the happiness hormone).

Chocolate therapy is an enveloping body therapy, widely recommended for its multiple benefits for the skin, it nourishes it deeply. Rejuvenating, firming.

Excellent to combat sadness, depression, irritability, enhances self-esteem; since it contains theobromine and favors the production of serotonin; a neurotransmitter that leads to a nerve signal that produces happiness; thus activating brain receptors that produce pleasure and mental lucidity.

The smell of chocolate increases brain waves leaving a feeling of rest and pleasant relaxation.

Ingested in moderate doses, it helps cardiovascular problems, since it contains stearic acid, provides energy to the body and helps the digestive system.

Because cocoa contains antioxidant substances, it is related to the prevention of some types of cancer and also helps reduce blood pressure.

A whole Happiness Provider

$ 1100.00

Chamomile, amaranth and honey honey wrap therapy


With the many known benefits of honey, this enveloping body therapy will make you live a pleasant experience. It will leave you with a smooth skin and a feeling of tranquility through a gentle massage and delicate exfoliation.

Honey bee favors the restoration, cleaning and nutrition of the skin; By including it in the daily diet, it provides the vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for a clean, fresh and radiant skin. Its healing and moisturizing properties make it the basic ingredient of soaps, creams, ointments, rejuvenating masks and other beauty products used to cleanse and hydrate the body.

All a nutritious caress.

$ 1100.00

Mayan Envelope Therapy


Delicate exfoliation based on honey, rose petals and essential oils. With the multiple properties of these ingredients; The skin nourishes, while renewing. The aroma that gives off the essential oil generates a molecular vibratory movement that is transmitted to the receptors of our nerve centers connected to the part of the brain that affects emotions, memory and intuition.

It is an awakening to your senses

$ 1100.00

Coffee Body Wrap


This stimulating coffee body therapy, tones, skin, will increase your energy and circulation. It is anti-cellulite and detoxifying. Remove dead cells. Eliminates fatigue, providing relaxation and energy balance

$ 1100.00



Refreshes the skin, giving texture and softness, provides a state of relaxation and nutrition to devitalized skin.

$ 1100.00



Recommended to eliminate fatigue. It is stimulating, refreshing and moisturizing.

To pamper the skin.

$ 1100.00

Angel foam


Delicious enveloping body therapy. With a mixture of vanilla, strawberry, oatmeal, honey and milk extracts. Excellent to moisturize, soften and regenerate your skin. Recommended for excessively dry skin. It will leave your skin fresh, soft and nourished. Consent to your skin.

$ 1100.00