Freedom and health resemble each other, its true value is known when we lack Henri B.

The bathroom is not only considered an activity of hygiene and hygiene, but is also the best ally of beauty. Tub baths, in addition to cleaning, provide healing, relaxing, sedative, stimulating effects. Relaxation baths with herbs and essential oils, also detoxify and facilitate the good condition of the skin, acting as a common tonic in general exhaustion. You will recover your sleep naturally. 

Come to relax, you will forget about stress, we have thermal treatments with medicinal aromatic plants and essential oils; to treat ailments, as well as prevent them too. Give yourself the opportunity to escape from the stressful life of big cities. Come and enjoy a health vacation. Whether you buy a Package, or take one of our therapies without accommodation. 

Within a space decorated with aromatic flowers and candles. A warm dip in the tub will take you to a total relaxation. Excellent to recover hydration and freshness. Immerse yourself and enjoy a relaxing bath. Enrich your spirit. 

Ideal to eliminate stress. Take a thermal treatment, in hydromassage tubs with medicinal plants, revitalizes, decongests. Remove the feeling of tired legs and body. It will leave your skin smooth, silky. Ideal for people who practice any sport.

Did you know that being in a thermal treatment, the waters have these characteristics ?:

  • They have revitalizing effects on cells and tissues

  • They generate analgesic results, they are sedative

  • They purify the blood

  • Reduce anxiety and insomnia

  • With all these characteristics, you will realize the importance of taking a thermal therapy, not only will you take another bath, but it is another option to stop to relax and enjoy the many benefits that water brings us.

Salute per acqua 

Ask for the circuits. You will enter relaxation environments. Own to stimulate your senses, find balance in body and mind, especially after activities under a lot of pressure and stress. 

All our bathrooms are assisted. 

Relaxation baths with aromatic herbs and essential oils. The mind calms you, relaxes the body, calms the spirit. 

The aroma that the essential oil emits, generates a molecular vibratory movement that is transmitted to the receptors of our nerve centers connected to the part of the brain that affects emotions, memory and intuition, changing our feelings and our emotional life, since they act through the nervous system.

Wellness is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in a general state of health and happiness. 

Enjoy the Thermalism, it will revitalize you.

Silk Bath for Boyfriends

It is a pleasure for the senses. Seduce harmony and strengthen communion with your partner. 

This relaxation bath is offered, surrounded by a nice rug of natural foliage; Enjoy a delicious bath with your partner. With the benefits of honey that is a natural moisturizer, with its extraordinary power of restoration, cleaning and nutrition. The protective benefits of oats; the regenerative assets of aloe and the virtue of essential oils, such as the scent of sandalwood. This sensual mixture, give the ideal environment for relaxation, freeing tensions, stimulating the love encounter with your partner. Enjoy the thrill of living, of feeling. (Of course it can also be taken individually) 

Capture those moments, be passionate about details and pleasant memories. 

A delight for the senses

$ 1100.00


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Relaxation bath

With an exclusive and delicate selection of aromas of essential oils and herbs; with its virtues highly appreciated in external care, including: juniper, geranium roses, melissa; This delicious relaxation bath will help you eliminate stress ... ... relaxing your senses. The warm-warm water, in combination with the float in the water, gives you the feeling of tranquility and harmony in your body, mind and spirit. 

It is a comforting experience that improves mood.

$ 1100.00


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Revitalizing Bath

Do you feel that this weekend was not enough your rest ?, decayed and without courage? What you need is an aromatic bath! composed of herbs, which include rosemary, orange, lemon, which allows the body the necessary stimulation to feel full of energy. Giving a stimulating-tonic effect, promoting a state of revitalization, harmony and well-being. Ideal to recover energy.

$ 1100.00


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Red Wine Bath

A great elixir for your senses. Relax, rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Relax and enjoy a pleasant bath of red wine that due to its antioxidant, exfoliating, remineralizing and anti-aging properties, will leave your skin rejuvenated and moisturized. Pleasant bath for its antioxidant, exfoliating, remineralizing and anti-aging properties. 

The relaxation of the senses is experienced since you dive into the tub. With the benefits of the grape, a bath with red wine will allow you to free the skin of dead cells; leaving skin softer and hydrated. It is a cellular oxygenator. Excellent blood scrubber. Eliminates retained fluids, draining lymph nodes, improving the appearance of the skin, toning it. You will experience a pleasant relaxation. 

A great elixir for your senses.

$ 1100.00 

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