Consecration Ceremony March 21, 2008

The Consecration Ceremony is to present the beginning of the work cycle, the date chosen, is the one that is recorded at the beginning of the cycle and in subsequent Anniversaries, such as closing the work cycle, giving, helping people , to relieve them.

In our very special Temazcal Metztli, his Consecration Ceremony was held on March 21, 2008 and we celebrate his Anniversary every year.

The Anniversary of a temazcal is an event of pride and satisfaction, and especially thanks. Anyone who likes is invited, but especially those who have lived the temazcal experience.

The beginning of the Ceremony can be done by those who will offer the temazcal, in our case, Master Juan Santiago Montero has done it since his consecration, accompanied by Rocío Ortiz Sahumadora, along with his Dance Group 8 Deer.

Subsequently, every year, we celebrate its Anniversary, thanking the closing cycle of our Temazcal Metztli, as well as the opening of a new cycle.


Master Juan Santiago, who holds the ceremony every year, addresses the attendees, explaining how we will celebrate the closing of the temazcal cycle (it is the closing of a year's work). And in eloquent talk the Master goes back to pre-Hispanic times, and tells us how they celebrated a temazcal party. 

After the opening of the Cosmos, the greeting to the 4 directions and expanding the information of this, we hear that in the old Anahuac before starting any work, talking about corn planting, collective or ritual work that begins at that time, not this permission could be passed up to the immediate givers of life that are like water, earth, wind and fire and as a result of these elements in human life. That is why they respected both the sacred symbols of nature that manifested themselves through the pictographic and phonetic writing recorded in the codices in the petroglyphs on the canvases and in the cave paintings that have been found at the end of our times.

This is an ancestral tradition that is intended to resume every day the spiritual cultural values of our millenary peoples that still preserve the purest traditions that gave rise to a culture that knew how to understand the purest of its essence.

Already in the Temazcal, the Master speaks to Metztli, the temazcal to tell him that we are present to give thanks to the year of work that allowed us to attend to the people who came in search of the temazcal or the ceremony, or to dance or live together in general.

Introducción de cómo y porqué se festejan los 52 años de una persona en la tradición prehispánica.