Romantic Package $ 8975.00 weekend or any day. 3 days 2 nights. Loving is not what we want to feel, it is what we feel unintentionally.

  • Romantic Package 3 days 2 nights $ 8975.00

Surprise your partner. Live the experience of a really romantic weekend in Cuernavaca.

"The best relationship is not one that unites perfect people, but one in which each individual learns to live with the defects of others and admire their qualities."

Ideal to enjoy a weekend package in Cuernavaca.

From your arrival you will feel the pleasant warm weather, where we will receive you with a refreshing welcome drink.

A pleasure for the senses, seduces harmony and strengthens communion with your partner. It will be a memorable evening

Suggested plan:

Day 1.

  • Arrival.
  • Registry.
  • They installed.
  • A welcome drink is invited
  • Take your snack
  • They may want to rest, or go out to have fun.
  • Check in is at 3 pm In case you want to arrive early and we have the room available, you can do it and it has no extra cost. Just contact one day before to find out the status of your Room.

Only suggestions for day 2. Your breakfast can be taken in Cafeteria, in your room, on a terrace or in the garden, if you wish. Have the morning to rest, be in the pool, where at noon, you can request a fresh snack with jicama, cucumber, orange, pineapple, with its chilito and lemon, accompanied by cookies and tortilla chips with a spicy rooster's peak with tuna and Avocado, cheese dips, chicken wings. 2 or 3 hours later, they are invited a tea from the house: warm, hot or cold, they will be given some gowns, to later lead them to their session in our pre-Hispanic Temazcal (it will be a couple session), assisted by a Therapist; then they rest their temazcal, to later take their holistic massage. (or, the therapies that they have previously chosen) The schedule of their therapies, depends on what time they had breakfast, since to take their therapies, they need at least 2 hours before not having taken solid, liquid food itself. It will be a pleasure experience for the senses. At the same time they will free themselves from fatigue and stress. In this Romantic Package, we suggest you take temazcal and massage.

Already back in your room, you will enjoy a delicious dinner; Accompanied by the wine you have previously chosen, your room will be set with petals, roses and candles. If it is a surprise for your partner, please tell us, we will gladly be your accomplices. They will enjoy it, it is an experience and a seduction to harmony and strengthening with your partner. It will be a memorable evening.

Day 2.

  • Breakfast from 9 to 11 am in the cafeteria. If you wish in your room, just call us at extension 100 or 111 and the Chef will be taking them in 15 minutes.
  • In the course of the morning: rest and recreation. At that time a snack is invited after noon or at 1 or 2 pm
  • 2 or 3 hours later, they enter their Temazcal session. It also depends on how the other guests are scheduled. What we do try is that in Romantic Package, have your Temazcal session after 5 pm for your atmosphere to enjoy at night. (from 45 minutes to 1 hour approximately) Once this time has elapsed, we take them to the Nursing Room, where they will then be given their holistic massage.
  • Later when they return to their room, we already have it set with petals, roses and candles.
  • Once you are there, you decide if you want to have your dinner, or you want to take a bath. You notify us at extension 111 and in 15 minutes they have their dinner and bottle of wine, which they previously chose.

Day 3.

  • Breakfast from 9 to 11 am
  • Rest and recreation.
  • Departure at 12:00 pm In case you wish to continue enjoying, you can pay 1/2 stay. The cost is $ 650.00 and they can leave until 7 pm If so, they notify the reception in the morning to see if the room is available (extension 100)

It includes

  • Welcome drink (soda, beer, pina colada or Margarita cocktail)
  • 2 nights in suite accommodation
  • 1 snack for two people
  • 4 Mexican / American breakfasts (2 X person)
  • Snack in the pool (tuna with biscuits, tortilla chips, cucumbers, jicama, carrots, fried with lemon and lemon, cheese dips, bbq wings)
  • You can apply for a loan at the Reception: board games, books, movies and DVD equipment. We invite you the popcorn.
  • 4 Therapies, to choose between: Temazcal, Holistic Massage, Chocolaterapia, Fresoterapia, among others, or request the menu of therapies.
  • 20% discount on Additional Therapies. Remaining the temazcal of $ 575.00 at $ 480.00 and Holistic space therapies, of $ 1350.00 at $1080.00
  • Atmosphere in your room with roses, rose petals, candles.
  • 1 bottle of wine to choose from: white, pink, red or sparkling.
  • 1 dinner in your room for 2 people
  • Taxes included 16% VAT and 3.75% ISH

El Café de la Finca Restaurant - bar

Menus to choose:

  • White rice with shrimp and fish fillet with fine herbs
  • White rice with shrimp and achiote fish fillet
  • Spaghetti with Litalian sauce and Portobello mushrooms
  • Grilled breast with roasted green vegetables
  • Baguette with ham and cheese,
  • Tray of cold meats on bed of lettuce and cheeses
  • Arrachera with roasted nopales, charro beans, and guacamole
  • Spaghetti with Italian marinara sauce
  • Kiev breast (stuffed with cheese and ham) and roasted green vegetables

    Any of our menus are prepared with olive oil and sea salt, they are accompanied with a delicious plate of salad, bread, tortillas, tortilla chips, dressing, chiles or salsa, as the case may be.

    Let's all travel through Mexico

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