What is traditional medicine?

The World Health Organization defines traditional medicine as the total sum of knowledge, skills and practices based on theories, beliefs and experiences from different cultures, whether or not explainable, and used in the maintenance of health, as well as in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of physical or mental diseases. 

Among the traditions of ancient Mexico is Temazcalli, a therapeutic, magical, mystical medium; where the healers were the holders of the knowledge of the four elements: Water, Earth, Air and fire, recognizing that each element evokes a specific power, within oneself. The elements were the basis of their ceremonial rites and holistic healing rituals. 

Finca Chipitlán is a Hotel in Cuernavaca with Temazcal attached to tradition, as well as our holistic space , where we invite you to live the experience of a temazcal session, that you feel the benefit, you have to live it, you will enjoy it. 

Temazcal Bath is another option as part of alternative medicine. It is a natural remedy to the pressures of modern life, relaxes, detoxifies. 

Temazcal Bath is a therapeutic bath, which not only focuses on a clinical aspect of the person; It allows a deep relaxation from the dilation vessel. 

During and after the Bath, the body relaxes, the organism is stimulated, cleansed and purified, creating a bridge towards its interior, where it will connect with its soul and spirit. Giving way to a sensitivity and raising awareness.

You cannot treat anyone who is sick of something specific and not take into account their anguish, concern and mood in general.

Enjoy traditional medicine at Finca Chipitlán. Temazcal prehispanic Metztli, attached to tradition

Within Traditional Medicine, entering Herbalism is entering a surprising world of smells, sensations and well-being. We invite you to enjoy Traditional Medicine, we want to share this ancestral knowledge through Temazcales, herbalism, medicinal plants with different applications, both relaxing and therapeutic.

We have a wide range of programs, focused on Health Tourism with Traditional Medicine that include from a therapy, a Weekend Package, to complement with specific therapeutic programs. Remember that if on your next vacation, you have included the sun, water, relaxation and fun, Morelos is the option to enjoy Health Tourism.