Packagescapes to Cuerna 2 days 1 night for 2 people for $ 4275.00 All inclusive with 1 therapy + 20% discount on additional therapies

  • 2 days 1 night, 2 people for only $ 4275.00

Valid at 12/15/2019 

Nowadays it is considered as a necessity to counteract the effects of a very demanding lifestyle, to mark a pause in the hustle and constant stress in which we carry our daily lives.

Give yourself a getaway to Cuernavaca ... the Spring of Mexico

We recommend for example a Temazcal Bath is an excellent option. It is a natural remedy to the pressures of modern life, relaxes, detoxifies, or that such a holistic massage, for that accumulated stress; It reduces anxiety, will free you from stress points, muscle aches, insomnia. Mobilizes energy and harmonizes the nervous system. Widely recommended for people who work under a lot of pressure and stress. 
There is always the possibility that you take a moment for yourself, to recover, to prevent, to relieve ailments and discomforts or simply to rest and that better within a destination of water and sun. Enjoy this Package the day you choose.

Let's all travel through Mexico.

It includes:

  • Welcome drink to choose between: soda, beer, Margarita cocktail, pina colada
  • 1 night stay in Suite
  • Snack in the pool or in your room
  • 1 breakfast for each person
  • 1 therapy for each person, you can choose between: Temazcal, Holistic Massage, Chocolate Therapy or Fresotherapy (we recommend that you choose the massage, since it is a deep relaxation therapy, release tension points this massage is recommended for people who work under a lot Pressure and stress
  • 20% discount on another Additional Therapy (payable X Extra Therapy: $ 575.00 at $ 480.00 per session of Temazcal and Holistic Space Therapies of $ 1350.00 at $1080.00)
  • 1 lunch or dinner in your room per person
  • At Reception you can borrow movies and DVD equipment, or we have a Smart screen; so that with your Netflix password you can enjoy your favorite series or a movie here. Popcorn is complimentary. Request them to Cafeteria, extension 111.
  • 16% VAT and 3.75% ISH

Menus to choose: 

  • White rice with shrimp and fish fillet with fine herbs
  • White rice with shrimp and achiote fish fillet
  • Spaghetti with Litalian sauce and Portobello mushrooms
  • Grilled breast with roasted green vegetables
  • Baguette with ham and cheese,
  • Tray of cold meats on bed of lettuce and cheeses
  • Arrachera with roasted nopales, charro beans, and guacamole
  • Spaghetti with Italian marinara sauce
  • Kiev breast (stuffed with cheese and ham) and roasted green vegetables

Any of our menus are prepared with olive oil and sea salt, they are accompanied with a delicious plate of salad, bread, tortillas, tortilla chips, dressing, chiles or salsa, as the case may be. 

Contact us: 

Email: Whatsapp: 777 563 2537