Enjoy your maturity. You choose it in time and budget. Ideal to give in a Gift Certificate to #personasdelaTerceraEdad


Seniors 55 or + Package 

At this stage of life you deserve to enjoy 100% of the free time that is now available. 
Enjoy your maturity 
More than a certain age, youth is a mood of energy and vitality that is lost over time due to physical and emotional wear. 

While it is true that in adulthood, it is often necessary to deal with chronic illness, the loss of loved ones, different discomforts that cause pain, sadness and frustration, loneliness, all this is reflected; in that the inability to laugh and enjoy is more worrisome than the ease with which he cries. 

It is his moment; expected and deserved opportunity to do activities that improve your quality of life. That in addition to enjoying help you prevent and relieve discomfort. That age is not an impediment. 

We will be happy to assist you in any of the therapies you choose: a temazcal bath that will take you to a state of relaxation and inner tranquility. 

You choose it in time and budget 

From $ 5275.00 for two people, 1 night
Includes: 1 night lodging, welcome drinks, snack or snack, 4 therapies (2 per person), lunch or dinner for 2, breakfast the next day, VAT, ISH. 

2 nights $ 6775.00 for two people 
Includes: lodging 2 nights, welcome drinks, snack or snack, 4 therapies (2 per person), lunch or dinner for 2, breakfast the next day, VAT, ISH. 

3 nights $ 10975.00 for two people 
Includes: lodging 3 nights, welcome drinks, snack or snack, 6 therapies (3 per person), liquids before and after your therapies, lunch or dinner for 2, breakfast the next day, VAT, ISH. 

* It is ideal to give a gift certificate to #personadelaTerceraEdad 
** Does not apply on holidays and with other promotions. Package valid from Sunday to Thursday until December 15, 2022

A holistic massage, connects lethargic muscles, releases tension, reduces anxiety. Promotes personal well-being and quality of life. Improves the ability to relax. 

Health baths, we recommend them for people with a lot of pain in their joints, sciatic nerve, discomfort in the back, knees, insomnia, nervous system; for people who suffer very cold. Improves joint mobility. Did you know that being in a thermal treatment in combination with medicinal plants, the waters have these characteristics:

- They have revitalizing effects on cells and tissues

- They generate analgesic results, purify the blood

- They are beneficial for treating skin diseases, as well as for moisturizing it

- They fight contractures and muscular hypertrophy.

- They are sedating, relaxing

- The effect of hot water, together with the effect of the jets, makes it possible to fight against numerous health problems, among which muscular pains (especially dorsal and cervical) and joints (arthritis and osteoarthritis) stand out. In addition, the massages provided by the jets allow stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, ideal for people whose legs are loaded. Better blood circulation also allows the toxins accumulated in the body to be eliminated more quickly and more efficiently. And finally, whirlpools are particularly suitable for people suffering from respiratory problems.

Thermal treatments are increasingly recommended and are indicated in the prevention and rehabilitation of problems: respiratory, circulatory, sprains, contracted body, rheumatism. Also ask for Temazcal baths

Enveloping therapies such as chocolate therapy, excellent to combat sadness and depression. You will feel with a mood, memory and attention are stimulated with better brain activity. 

Food, do not worry, do not tell us what you can not eat, better tell us that you can eat. If you include salt and sugar, or not. 

Our foods are prepared with sea salt, rich in iodine and natural minerals and with olive oil with its many benefits. 

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