Since time immemorial, Morelos has been a niche of demand in Traditional Medicine; especially for those who seek to improve their lifestyle towards a healthier and more pleasant life. 

And now in these modern times, given the increase in life with tensions, in a hurry to which many people are subject because of their professional and business activities, as well as the problems derived from large cities: lack of time, problems vials, pollution, less time to rest, excess stress, etc.

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What is stress?

Stress is a natural physiological reaction of the organism in the face of various situations, such as strong emotions, inadequate food, which affect each human being in particular. This generates a disruption in the energy balance in the person and can manifest different disease states at a physical, mental and emotional level.

Understanding that energy imbalances are the causes of our sufferings, from insomnia, chronic fatigue, allergies, being in a bad mood, headaches, digestive problems, to serious nervous system disorders.

In the face of stress, the body reacts, then adapts and finally lets itself be defeated. In a healthy organism there is a balanced flow of energy to face adverse situations. For these reasons, there is growing interest in places that offer, in addition to rest, therapeutic alternatives for physical improvement and relaxation.

In recent years, we have been able to appreciate the changing trends in different types of tourism worldwide. We have gone from typical sun and beach destinations, to new conceptions and proposals for tourist activities.

To a large extent these changes are due, to changes in our behavior patterns, to the lifestyle of contemporary societies, and also to their need, to be able to mark a pause in the hustle and constant stress in which we carry our day to day.

For this reason, man; It sets new goals, new horizons, and it is in this search that, naturally, we return to the authentic and traditional of our people, being so that we return to activities that allow us to improve our being, our essence, and that is projected in our exterior, looking for Health Tourism.

This phenomenon does not escape the view of the entire world, however, not all destinations are favored with the strengths and opportunities that the State of Morelos represents to develop a product that is unique and extraordinary, within Health Tourism.

This return to Traditional Medicine motivates us; to form a commitment to take care of this heritage, this knowledge, preserve it, transmit it as it has been, from generation to generation and share the benefits of the multiple therapies we offer; At the same time we adapt the offer of these services to the needs of an increasingly flexible and changing market, combining: lodging, rest, nature, outdoors, climate, gastronomy, holistic space, temazcal.

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